A taste of Sevilla living

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe that I have been home for over a month. There are still many days when I wake up and have to quickly remind myself that I am no longer in Spain and many times throughout the day that I think of Sevilla and the great memories that I made during my time there. The Spanish American Institute, the program that I studied with during my time in Spain, recently released this video that we worked on a few weeks in to my stay in Sevilla. I thought it would be neat to share it with you as it provides a neat glance of my Spanish host-family experience.

In the video you will see Courtney (my amazing roommate that I miss VERY much!) and Charo, my Spanish host mom. On this particular day we were celebrating Courtney’s 23rd birthday. The meal included a very traditional dish called Paella (rice, vegetables and seafood… Charo makes the best paella!) and you will also see a very typical “tapa” (small portion of a bigger meal) called croquetas (they happened to be a favorite of Courtney and I). 


I hope the video makes you smile and gives a neat inside look into my Spanish home-stay experience!




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