A day in Sevilla

Hi everyone 🙂

As I was sitting down to write my post about Morocco, Africa, I thought to myself… you should really write a post about a typical day in Sevilla! After all of these posts about traveling to different parts of Spain and Europe (and now Africa!) I should at least write about my favorite part of this experience… coming home to this city that I love!

My days in Sevilla start early, and my alarm is always set for 6:40am Monday-Thursday. I get up, shower, and enjoy breakfast that Charo lays out for Courtney and I each evening (6:40 is WAY too early for Charo!). I leave around 7:45 to walk to school. One of my favorite things is listening to music and picking up my daily “20 Minutos” newspaper from the very kind gentleman on the corner of our street. I always try to at least read the headlines and keep myself up to date on the world.

At school I am always greeted by Regla and Pepe. It makes the early mornings worth while to see their smiling faces! Every day I have my intensive grammar course at 8:15. It is a great class, and actually ended up being 4 High Point students! On Monday/Wednesday I go to Latin American history with Pepe and Tuesday/Thursday I go to my Sevilla Monuments Class, and then my 20th Century Spanish Literature class.

Usually after my history class on Monday/Wednesday I grab some tostada and cafe con leche at the cafe across from the school. It has become one of my favorite things in the entire world. Below is a picture of my typical tostada and coffee, and this week we finally have great weather and we could enjoy it outside!


Courtney and I eat lunch at home usually between 2:30 and 3:30, very typical Spanish lunch time. Lunch here is the biggest and most important meal of the day. It is also wonderful that we lucked out and have one of the best cooks in all of Sevilla! A typical lunch is usually beans or lentils, salad, some type of meat (chicken or fish typically), bread, fruit and yogurt!

The afternoons serve quite a few purposes. Sometimes I take a short nap during siesta time, and for the majority of the semester on Monday and Wednesday I went to my flamenco dance class. Sometimes they involve getting a hot chocolate, gelato, another cafe con leche and a suso, shopping or an activity with the school. Lately it has been used to write papers and make presentations, since it is crunch time in the semester!



Tuesday evenings around 6:30 I walk for about a half hour to visit with my intercambio family. They have been such a wonderful addition to my time in Spain, and it has been fun to hang out with them for about an hour and a half each week getting to know them and practicing my Spanish and their English!

We typically eat dinner between 8:30 and 9:30 in the evening. It is usually something lighter since we have such a large lunch, and since we eat so late in the evening.  We usually end up talking with Charo for a while or watching some TV with her, and then it is back to studies, blogging, updating pictures, and more than anything laughing and enjoying our time together.

This week Courtney and I were both sick, but I cannot describe to you what a blessing Charo has been during our time of illness. She made us homemade broth and soup, bought fruit and lots of Aquarius (similar to Gatorade in the States) and even brought us dinner in bed with some chamomile tea. I am thankful for this home away from home, especially when we aren’t feeling the greatest!

I am off to work on some homework and grab some lunch at my favorite cafe. I hope everyone has had a great week! Tomorrow I am off to spend another week in Galicia with Marcela’s family! I cannot wait 🙂


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