Somos Alemanes

Time seems to go by a lot faster in Spain! This is truly the experience of a lifetime.

Everything has been going very well since I last posted. On Saturday Courtney and I, along with our two good friends Liz and Hannah, decided to take a small day trip to the city of Jerez to explore some more of the Andalusia region of Spain. The hardest part of the entire trip was finding the information center from the bus stop. We decided to stop and ask two older gentlemen for some help, and after I asked them for the plaza, they asked me if I was German! It was exciting to not be immediately pinned as an American for once! We had a great time exploring the city famous for their sherry and touring the beautiful cathedral. There were also small “carnaval” like celebrations happening throughout the city, an event similar to Mardi Gras in the United States (see chicken picture below). The four of us had a wonderful time together, and I am so thankful for each of their friendships!

On Sunday Courtney and I met with our three intercambios for tapas and coffee. It turned in to a four hour event and we had a great time together! Ludi, Lorena and Carmen are all natives to the city and the goals of our meetings are to practice our Spanish and for them to practice their English. Sunday was all Spanish, and by the end of it our brains were fried! We were completely encouraged when they told us that we were very easy to understand and great with the Spanish language! What a confidence booster! We are looking forward to spending more time with them this Saturday 🙂

Our school event last night was attending a Betis soccer game and we were able to get seats 8 rows from the field! It was a lot of fun, and to my Senoras dismay, I think I have officially sided with the Betis fans. It is hard not to after attending two soccer games and cheering for the green and white! I may have bought a very nice green and white scarf yesterday too…

Today has been an extra special day for me! I was finally able to meet the family that asked me to be their intercambio during my time here. What a feeling of home!! They have two children, a son who is thirteen and a daughter who is ten. They all speak English very well! It was so wonderful to sit around in the living room and just talk and laugh together as a family. Their daughter warmed up pretty quickly to me and was sharing her homework and pets with me while I was there. They invited me to come back again on Thursday, and hopefully it will continue as a twice a week time to get together and enjoy each others company all while practicing English and Spanish!

I find myself really missing certain things about home this week. One of the biggest things has been my church family at The Summit. I SO miss serving with them! It has been a month since I touched a piano, and for those of you who know me really well… that is hard! I don’t think I ever knew how much of an outlet sitting down at the piano is for me, and now that I don’t have the opportunity I can definitely feel the void.

God has provided so many awesome relationships here. Each and every day I am thankful for the blessing of my roommate Courtney! I really do not think they could have matched us any better. I am thankful for great relationships with many of the people in my program, as well as having Meryl, my close friend from high school, here as well! This city feels more like home each and every day, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to study here. I hope everyone is doing well and please know that I miss you all!!











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