Dancing in the Kitchen

Hi friends 🙂

It feels like it has been ages since I was able to sit down and write! The time is flying by and I am learning so much about this country, a new language and about myself.

On Wednesday we had a bus tour of the city. It was a lot of fun and it was neat to see some places that we have not been able to explore yet. Our school is great at planning activities and is definitely keeping us busy! It was a little chilly sitting on the top of the open-air double decker bus, but we had a wonderful time.

Thursday Courtney and I as well as some friends from school went to our first ever European soccer game! We saw Betis play Atletico Madrid. Sevilla has two major soccer teams, Betis and Sevilla, and the fans are very loyal to say the least! Our senora is a huge Sevilla fan, so we will definitely have to make it to a Sevilla game before our time here is done (although from my experience that evening the Betis fans are passionate and have a good time!).

We had classes on Friday (which is not typical) in order to make up for the week long Feria break. Normally La Feria is too late to be included in the Spring Semester, but this year it is early enough that we will be able to experience it! In order to make up for the time off, we will have class on Friday four times throughout the semester. At lunch on Friday our senora asked us if we knew the dance to the song “Gangnam style.” Courtney and I laughed, and somehow we ended up with Courtney’s iphone in the kitchen dancing to Gangnam style. We were all laughing so hard and had such a great time. It is the little things that make this experience the greatest 🙂  Friday evening, the school planned an activity to show us some of the best tapas bars throughout the center of the city. We had a great time experiencing the night life of Sevilla like true Sevillanos, going from bar to bar socializing and enjoying some Sangria or Tinto de Verano along the way.

Saturday was a day full of ups and downs for me, and probably one of the hardest days I have had since being here. We slept late and then walked to the center of the city to enjoy some breakfast and shopping. We enjoyed some pizza for lunch and spent some time sitting in the sun (the weather was beautiful!) at la seta with some friends from the program. Saturday afternoon was particularly difficult as my heart was in Pennsylvania with my family at the funeral of a very close family friend who was like a father to my mom and a grandpa to my sister and me. He was a wonderful man who spent 96 years changing the lives of those around him. He will definitely be missed. I decided to have a low key Saturday evening and joined some friends for dinner and a few tapas. It ended up being a really great evening and we ended it at a popular bar that features live flamenco music. It was beautiful!

Today was a low-key day as well full of yummy montaditos and waffles covered in ice cream and nutella. Courtney and I have definitely been enjoying exploring the different restaurants and cafes of the city!

Tomorrow I am finally getting together with my close friend Meryl who is here studying with a different program. I am so excited to see her! We also start our flamenco class tomorrow and I will be starting my internship at a local school where I will be helping out with music classes! I cannot wait to finally be able to play piano after what seems like an eternity of not playing! I am looking forward to securing a routine this week (that hopefully includes some running!) and our weekend trip to Granada. I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read through some of the adventures from Spain 🙂 I will post some pictures from the week below!




One thought on “Dancing in the Kitchen

  1. Great to see you’re doing well, Gretchen! Thanks for the updates. I think that you need to go ahead and tell your señora that you are a Betis fan after all (it will make your next class with me a lot easier…jeje). Too bad they lost, but Atlético is very good this year.
    I’m sorry to hear about your family’s loss; it’s hard to be so far away when something like that happens. Take care and keep living it up!

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