Bread, Generic Nutella and Cinco Madres

What a whirlwind of an arrival it has been! On Thursday we had our first orientation at the university in the morning. My classmates are very nice and it seems like we are going to have a great semester together! All of the faculty of the SAIIE program are fantastic and have already been a tremendous help during our transition into the Sevillano lifestyle. After orientation my roommate Courtney and I decided to take our map and explore the city. We wanted to see the river. We ended up walking for about three hours through the city, seeing the river, Plaza de Toros (where they have the bull fights), Torre de Oro and last but certainly not least La Plaza de Espana. I cannot describe to you the beauty of this city and how excited I am to be able to spend three and a half months here! We returned to the school after our walk and were please to find our luggage! However, we ended up pulling our luggage for a mile through the cobblestone streets of Sevilla after our three hour walk. We were quite ready for the big lunch and siesta that greeted us when we arrived home. That evening we went to see flamenco. The music and dancing were absolutely beautiful, and it was such a pleasure to enjoy both of my passions – Spanish culture/language and music!

On Thursday we went back to school for more orientation. On the way to school I tried to use my travel money card that I brought and I couldn’t get it to work. At school I talked with the director of student affairs (Sam – she is awesome!) and she informed me that they do not work here. Unfortunately this is my only source of money. After orientation the school walked our entire group to La plaza de Espana and we took some group pictures and enjoyed the afternoon together. On the way back Courtney (my roommate) and I stopped and tried my card at multiple ATM’s and it did not work at any. Thankfully my parents and Duane and Marcela have figured something out with the help of Marcela’s family in Spain to take care of the issue! My senora has been a tremendous help in the entire thing and is making sure I am good to go even on the days that she is not required to cook for me. She’s the best! So thanks to my cinco madres – Mom, Marcela, Vivi, Vero and Charo for taking care of me!

Thursday evening the university held a welcome party for us that included tapas, sangria, sodas and beer. Sangria may be my new favorite thing! We had an awesome time getting to know each other better and enjoying some Spanish food favorites along the way.

Today has been a lazy day recovering from some of the craziness. After feeling pretty defeated, Courtney and I ran to the closest store and grabbed some bread and generic nutella and it sure brightened our spirits. This afternoon we are going to meet Stacie and Paige, two of my good friends from High Point who are also studying in Sevilla with a different program. I cannot wait to see them!

Below are some pictures from the Plaza de Espana, flamenco, a picture with Courtney, and la seta (mushroom) which is a large structure in Sevilla on our walk to school. Miss you all!!ImageImageImage Image


2 thoughts on “Bread, Generic Nutella and Cinco Madres

  1. It looks like you are having SUCH an amazing time! I miss you so much pretty lady – I even started tearing up reading this post! I know you’re having a wonderful time and making life memories. Keep it up girl, I miss you!

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