Home Sweet Home

We finally made it to Sevilla today! Thankfully there were quite a few students traveling to Sevilla on both of my flights today and I was thankful to have some friends to make the long day better. On my flight from Newark to Portugal I ended up having a row of four seats to myself and I was able to get some sleep and stretch out during the overnight flight. I had a four hour layover in Lisbon before getting on the smallest plane I have ever seen to go from Lisbon to Sevilla. There were a maximum of 18 people on the flight. We made it to Sevilla safely and the flight was beautiful. My large checked bag did not make it to Sevilla. I am praying that it arrives tomorrow!

My Senora is wonderful! She gave me a big hug when I came “home” (just what I needed after finding out I didn’t have my bag) and she showed me all around her beautiful apartment. I am excited to have a roommate named Courtney and she has been a total blessing! I am looking forward to getting to know her more throughout our time in Sevilla. My favorite part of the apartment is the living room because of the large coffee table that you sit around. The buildings in Sevilla are designed to keep cool since the majority of the time the weather is very hot. However, January and February tend to be in the 40’s during the evenings. The large coffee table has a long table cloth that touches the floor, and underneath the table they keep a heater. Everyone sits in the living room close to the coffee table and pulls the table cloth up like a blanket, releasing the heat under the table. I must say that today I didn’t want to leave the coffee table!

We toured the city this evening and figured out how to get from our apartment to our university. It is about a 15-20 minute walk and I have a lot to learn!! I am so excited to explore the city and truly make this place my home! ImageImage


One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. You have many blessings in store for you — some of them may come well-disguised, because that’s the way travel is, and that’s the way blessings are! Hugs!

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