Saying Goodbye

I can’t believe that I leave for Spain tomorrow! The past two weeks have been filled with time spent with loved ones in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania. I was able to spend five days in High Point saying goodbye to friends from school as well as worshiping one more time at The Summit. The weekend before I was able to spend some time at a beautiful log cabin retreat with the ladies that were a part of a Bible study I was involved in this summer. My heart is full as I prepare to leave tomorrow and I am so excited for the new friendships and relationships that are to come!

Mom and Dad are taking me to the airport tomorrow. We will have a little bit of a drive to get there since my flight is out of Newark, but it will allow for lots of quality time before I take off! Dad and I are taking my bags to work tomorrow to make sure that they are not overweight. It was quite the battle getting 4 months and 2 seasons worth of clothing, shoes, school supplies, books and coats into one checked bag and one carry on bag! Hopefully everything is good to go in the morning. My flight leaves around 6pm tomorrow evening

I am so excited for this opportunity! Prayers for safe travels and a smooth transition into living in Spain with my family would be greatly appreciated! More to come after my trip across the pond 🙂


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