Countdown to take-off

It is hard to believe that in three short weeks I will finally begin the adventure of a lifetime. It has been quite the journey preparing for my semester abroad, but the visa has arrived, the plane tickets have been purchased, my classes are all set and all of my stuff has been successfully moved out of my room back to Pennsylvania. My fall semester this year was by far the best semester I have had at High Point thanks to new and continued friendships, dedicated professors, a successful junior recital and the opportunity to serve as a member of the worship team with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met at The Summit Church. Little did I know, the events and the relationships from this semester have created the greatest support system I could ask for as I get ready to travel across the world.

Take-off is set for January 15th, and I am thankful to know that there are at least two other High Point students on my flight. I am waiting to hear about the family I will be staying with during my time there. I am so excited for what God has in store for this trip and so thankful for the opportunity to be immersed in a language that I truly love. I cannot wait to share in this journey with each of you. Many thanks for continued support, love and prayers during this adventure!


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